Jason Hitesman

Roller Coasters!

I love A Great Roller-Coaster. It dosen't have to be the highest, fastest, steepest, or loopiest. It just has to make me smile. I try to make several trips to Amusement and Theme parks every year. This past summer on my last trip I decided to start documenting my trips. I'll try and add Trip Report pages for every trip I make from now on.

Also, I love to take photos of amusement/theme parks and 'coasters. I have a few images archived at gboro the 'official' storage place for rec.roller-coaster, which I should mention is one of the friendliest usegroups in usenet. Even if it does tend to get clogged with rumors durring parts of the year. Just remember not to believe anything you read on there untill you learn which posters are reliable.

Hey Kennywood now has their own web site. And they are using some of my photos! Check out their info on the Roll-O-Plane and noah's Ark!

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Jason Hitesman
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