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Retro Computing!

I am a strong advocate of what I call "Retro Computing". I love the history of computers, and I love out-dated hardware. I miss the days when game designers had to make games that could keep you interested without fancy graphics and sound. I still have an atari 7600. I wish I hadn't sold my Commodore 128 (My 64 blew up).

This section will be growing slowly. I'm currently scouring the internet looking for others who share my obsession. I'll have a link soon to emulators of older systems. I'd love to start an area devoted to old software as well but unfortunatly have very limited resources for something like that right now.

If you're interested in my philosphy regarding computers I'd reccomend two sources: "The New Hackers Dictionary" by Guy L. Steele. And the first section of "Hackers" by Steven Levy.

I finally found a few resources for other loonies like me! And by golly there are a LOT of us:

More coming soon.

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Jason Hitesman
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