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I'm now a BAR (Born Again Rocketeer). I had enjoyed launching small Estees® rockets back when I was younger but eventually I shifted my funds elsewhere and lost interest. Then, this summer I happened across rec.models.rockets on usenet. From the many friendly people there I found out about "High power Rocketry" and "Large Model Rockets".

Admittedly there is only so much joy that can come from launching a small BP (Black Powder - A low energy rocket propelent) powered Estes® rocket. The "FFFfffsssttt" sound of the motors just isn't very satisifying to me. Plus with rockets that average under two feet it's fairly easy to sent them well out of sight. Making it very difficult to take advantage of their reusability.

Now, with High Power and Large Models that's all changed! The engines now use composite propelents much like the Space Shuttle. The Engines use reloadable casings to help save on costs. And the rockets can range anywhere from two feet to 48 feet tall! (My largest is currently 64" tall).

My Fleet

Here they are in all their glory, my rockets. Some small some BIG some just plain odd. They all either have flown, will fly, or are flying.


Don't miss my workbench featuring photos of my current projects in different states of construction.

Monokoting for fun

I really like using "Monokote" for covering fins. But it's also usefull in other ways. Take a look at my experiences using it in rocketry.

Reloadable Motors

Ok, maybe they aren't motors. But they most deffinatly are reloadable, read up on one of the advances in rocketry that helped pull me back!

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Jason Hitesman
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