Feb. something 1996

The ski trip

Ok, better late than never here they are. The photos from the first ever Kieth and Tom ski weekend. Unfortunatly my photography skills that weekend were not all they should have been. But I'll leave the excuses for next time, just accept that it was a dim cabin and I wasn't prepared for it so the shots are almost all underexposed. I've corected many of them to look good, but some of them have been enhanced to make them nicer for casual viewing rather than serious photomongering. Enough, on with the photos!

Techie Note

Photo Related

I'm not exactly sure what film I shot these on but it's side code is "Kodak 5075". Maybe I'll pull up my Kodak film chart and look it up some day. The camera was either my Minolta 7Xi (doubtfull) or my Minolta 7000i (More likely). I'm guessing I was using my 28-70 zoom and not my 50mm since the shots are all underexposed and my 50 is far faster than any of my zooms. Ok the film was processed in a Wang-Lynch automated tube processor which was kept in top condition since it was used primarially for processing film for medical researchers and students. It was then lost for several years, being ocasionally found and then lost again. This time I managed to hang on to them long enough to grab some scans.

Computer Related

I recently got myself a Minolta (Gee, talk about brand loyalty) film scanner. It's not outstanding but it is a good value. (And since most of what I want to scan with it is B&W it's problems aren't as apparent). For these I only scanned the images in at 640x480 pixels with minimal corections done with the scanner software.

i am not impressed with the results of any corections done in the scanner interface so far.

Half way through I decided I should have rethought my choice since I suddenly felt like I was transfering a film to TV. But at least they're at a reasonable size for the web.

So there it is all the images that were worth scanning. Ok, there is one more strip of ouside shots left. I'll scan them soon :)

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