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I've stared collecting a few of my own recipes lately. Most of these are based on recipes from Charlie Papazian's books. Though I've also drawn inspiration from experience and The Cats Meow Recipe database.

The recipes are listed in the order I made them. Untill this list gets a lot larger I'm not going to bother sorting it by sytle or alphabetically. Besides, most of my titles give good hints as to what kind of beer they are.

Common Notes

These notes apply to all of the above recipes unless otherwise noted

My dry malt extracts come from two sources. DLB wineries in Westlake Oh, and the ever popular Munton and Fissions Dry Malts. The Gold Light extract specified in some recipes is only from from DLB as far as I can tell.

For priming I tend to use a mix of dry extract and Corn Sugar. In general unless otherwise noted I use (insert ammounts here)

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