I guess it must be in my blood. My mom still blames herself for going on a ride on my dad's old bike before she realised she was pregnent with me. Whatever the cause I'm addicted. In my oppinion motorcycles are simply the best form of transportation available, narrow streets? No problem! Lack of parking? No problem! Not to mention the Price/Performance of a decent bike.

Still being that exposed does have one major drawback, car drivers just aren't that carefull. I can now testify to this fact personally after my recent crash. Even after that ordeal I'll be back on a bike as soon as my leg heals, it's warm outside, and I have a bike to ride again since mine is now dead.

Well, that's over with thankfully. That last paragraph is thankfully out of date. My leg is almost completely back to normal, I have a new bike, and I've taken it on a few trips. I just added photos from the 1999 motorcycle show at the Cleveland IX center and will be adding some of my shots from this past summers AMA races at Mid-Ohio.

Warning: the following pages are graphics intense for obvious reasons

My bike photos

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